Wireless Arduinos

Setting up wireless communication between two Arduinos

Here, I’ve used an Addicore Tranceiver Module to establish a wireless link between Arduinos. First, I wired the two modules to their respective Arduino Nano boards. Then I uploaded the proper libraries to the Arduino IDE, and I finished by uploading the ‘Send’ Code to one board and the ‘Receive’ Code to the other.

So What?

All ‘nerdery’ aside, what’s so special about this?

  • The hardware is pretty cheap – I got the Arduinos for about $3 each and the tranceivers for about $7.
  • The software is open source – so there was no direct cost.
  • This turns into a general purpose ‘WiFi remote control.’

Possible applications can include activating warning lights without installing electric lines, motion detection notification without having to buy the whole security system, or creating a wireless doorbell. And while all of the above items can be searched for and purchased, the items can’t be custom configured like this setup.

Credit goes to shanes.net for the instructions and ManiacBug for the libraries that are publicly available on Github.


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